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Ibrahim J Wickama

Senior System Developer/Server Administration


Ibrahim Wickama is a seasoned professional with a rich background over 7 years in systems design, development, management, and capacity building within the field of Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) software systems. His extensive experience encompasses a diverse range of skills, including team collaboration, leadership, and capacity building on the DHIS2 platform and various other data analysis tools and systems.

Ibrahim Wickama brings over 7 years of experience in systems designing, development, management and capacity building on Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) software systems. The experience includes team working ability, Leading, capacity building skills on DHIS2 platform & other data analysis tools and systems, competence in software development & maintenance  for the years he has worked with University of Dar es salaam РCollege of ICT under DHIS2 project, Individual Consultancy and other works with other companies & organizations.

His passion for problem-solving and creativity drives him to architect systems that enhance efficiency and foster growth. Ibrahim leverages technology to streamline processes and optimize business outcomes. His holistic approach to systems analysis and design involves collaboration with stakeholders, ensuring solutions align with both technical requirements and organizational goals.