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DHIS2 Club

DHIS2 Club

Space where students with passion and curiosity to explore new technologies can be engaged in a fast growing DHIS2 community from university, country to global level. This space will serve as an incubator to creating pool of multi skilled students crafted well enough and ready into improving information systems around DHIS2 platform both countrywide and globally through embarking in innovations, support, consultations and among other areas.

This club aim at preparing student towards;

Understanding ins and outs of DHIS2 platform and concepts behind it.

Understanding and practicing various technologies around DHIS2 improvements and innovations.

Contributing to DHIS2 community mostly through innovations both countrywide and globally Building up ones profile well enough to directly take part in real world environments just after completion of studies.

Being part of this fostering team also to foster other but also to engaging in information systems improvements and innovations