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Improved Human Resources for Health Information System


The Human Resource for Health Information System (HRHIS) is a web based system used for capturing, reporting and analyzing all human resource related data from all health facilities (Private, Public, and FBOs) to higher levels in the country. We facilitated the HRHIS improvement which aims to enable MoHCDGEC to track HRH personnel all the way from pre-service training, during service in the Tanzania health sector, and when they exit service in the Tanzania health sector.This initiative was also to integrate various HRH electronic systems so that data from different systems can be centrally available to enable analysis, visualization, management, planning, and decision-making regarding the country’s HRH workforce. The HRHIS with complete information for health care workers has become a single source of truth for other systems to use for verifying health worker details. The system is currently used by all 160 councils, regional RHMT offices and eight referral hospitals in the country linked to the DHIS2. (Available through

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